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      China Textile City: A variety of knitted fabrics sell well in autumn and winter

      Time: 2021-01-25

      Recently, a variety of autumn knitted fabrics in the traditional market of China Textile City are selling well. The sales of creative fabrics have increased partially, and the prices have been relatively strong. The new style fabrics have been boosted by higher value-added products.

      Knitting air layer fabric bureau department still has a large batch of orders, with a width of 165CM, 300 g/m2 violet, plum red, zhangqing color fabric bureau department and city still have a large batch of shipments. 32S pure cotton 1×1 knitting frame rib width 130CM, 230g/m2 pure black fabric is delivered in small and medium batches. Knitted pure cotton combed non-inverted pile width 182CM (net edge), 360 g/m2 fabrics are selling well in time, watermelon red and rose red color fabric bureau departments have relatively large orders, and some large-scale business stores occasionally have them. Larger batch shipments.

      21S combed pure cotton knit single-sided brushed fabric with a width of 185CM and 180 g/m2 fabrics sold well in some parts, and small batches and multiple batches increased partially. The knitting pure cotton layout department has an increase in sales, 26S combed pure cotton knitting single-sided brushed fabric width 185CM, 160 g/m2 fabrics scarlet, rose, water red, purple, beige, beige fabrics in small batches and multi-variety colors Orders, the bureau department’s city shipments increased slightly. 40S pure cotton knitted fabrics with a width of 170CM and 140g/m2 are sold well in some parts. Special black, fuchsia, grass green, lake blue, Baolan and other color and luster fabrics are delivered in small batches and multi-variety colors. The 21S pure cotton knitted jersey fabric door 185CM, 180 g/m2 fabric bleached, natural white, beige, beige and other color varieties sold smoothly. The 32S fine cotton knitted jersey fabric has a width of 190CM and 130 g/m² fabric, which has a partial increase in movable pins.

      32S pure cotton knitting frame width 170CM, 180 g/m2 bleached, floral gray color fabrics will be delivered in small and medium batches. Knitted pure cotton David cloth with a width of 185CM and 300 g/m² floral gray color fabric will be delivered in batches.

      In the past few days, the number of large-scale business stores for knitting T/C non-turning piles has increased in batches. The special black fabrics with widths of 165CM and 320g/m2 are still delivered in larger batches; widths of 155CM, 380g There are still large batches of fabrics delivered in large quantities per square meter of the blue color fabric bureau; some large-scale business stores of the two color fabrics occasionally have complete vehicles shipped.

      Partial orders for knitting and no downturning have increased in batches. Polyester DTY single side and no downfall, nylon and polyester single side and no downfall, nylon single side and no downfall, nylon and cotton single side and no downfall, nylon and viscose single side and no downfall. Some large-scale business stores for 165CM, 320g/m2 gray fabrics have placed more orders, and occasionally whole vehicles have been shipped.

      Knitted single jersey, non-fleece four-way stretch, part of the modular business store has increased the number of orders, with polyester high-elastic non-fleece four-way stretch, nylon high-elastic non-fleece four-way stretch, nylon-polyester high-elastic non-fleece four-way stretch, nylon-cotton high The four-sided stretch of elastic and non-inverted velvet, nylon and viscose high elastic and non-inverted velvet four-sided elastic have a width of 170CM, 350 g/m2 and 380 g/m2 brown fabrics. Tianjin customers occasionally ship complete vehicles.

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