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      China Textile City: The number of transactions in knitted fabrics in early summer increased

      Time: 2021-01-25

      Recently, in the traditional market of China Textile City, the variety of knitted fabrics in early summer continues to increase, the spot market volume continues to increase partially, the number of transactions has increased, and the marketing is still active.

      Knitted weft-knitted T-shirts, sportswear and swimwear, which are mainly used to make women’s spring and summer clothes, have two-sided stretch, four-sided stretch printing and dyeing, and embroidery. The dyed fabrics are in special black, scarlet, rose, pink, sky blue, Grass green, emerald green, light blue, lake blue, bleached, eggplant green and other color varieties have been sold in large quantities; printed fabrics are increasing day by day, and some cloth companies and large-scale business outlets ship quickly, and there are small and medium domestic demand for new pattern fabrics in foreign trade. Lots of both sex transactions, some foreign trade clothing manufacturers began to trade with a variety of patterns in large quantities, the prices were basically stable, and the prices of some creative pattern fabrics rose steadily. Summer polyester filament knitted printed fabrics are sold in FDY50D, 75D, 100D, 118D, and 150D. Some large-scale business stores have different orders. The spot transaction has increased significantly, becoming the main force in the sales of knitted fabrics, and the transaction volume has increased. , The number of transactions increased and the frequency of subscriptions accelerated. The mainstream varieties of summer knitted fabrics, printed double-sided stretch and printed four-sided stretch, have become the main sales force, and jacquard double-sided stretch and jacquard four-sided stretch are also booming. Summer knitted fabrics with double-sided stretch, four-sided stretch colorful printing, colorful jacquard and colorful burnt-out varieties have increased, and domestic sales have increased significantly. Target customers have both large and small transactions, and subscriptions are increasing, but the increase in foreign trade is still relatively limited.

      In the past few days, polyester FDY118D summer knitted fabrics have been on the market with many patterns and styles, and the spot dispersion continues to be on the market, and the varieties of mobile patterns are increasing alternately. Polyester FDY75D-118D knitted printed double-sided stretch T-shirt fabrics are sold in many styles, but some small and medium-sized business owners have intermittent sales, and the sales of popular pattern fabrics are still limited. However, some floral fabric companies and large-scale business stores have creative flowers. The sales volume of type fabrics increased, and the overall market sales fluctuated and pushed up. Polyester FDY118D summer thin knitted printed double-sided stretch and four-sided stretch T-shirt fabric with black background dense yellow copper coins, black background dense rose copper coins, black background dense red, white, yellow and green small flowers, black background dense red, blue, yellow and green abstract art flowers , Dense red, blue, yellow and green cartoon flowers on black background, yellow background and black irregular dots imitation leopard skin flowers and other new style printed fabrics, small batches and multiple batches of the bureau, Shandong Jimo, Zhejiang Dongyang, Yiwu local small batches and multiple batches Ship.

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