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      China Textile City: Sales of knitted fabrics in summer go smoothly

      Time: 2021-01-25

      Recently, as the temperature has risen, the sales of long-fiber knitted T-shirt printed fabrics in the China Textile City market have been partly smooth, and the overall market sales have been partially prosperous. The sales volume of this series of fabrics has shown a certain degree of increase amidst the fluctuations. The spot price of popular flower patterns mainly stabilized, and the spot prices of some high-quality orders and new flower patterns in some large-scale operation stores were still slightly boosted. The sales of new summer style fabrics increase locally, the printing and dyeing varieties interact, and the raw material ingredients are expanded in multiple varieties, from a single polyester filament product to the yarn category. Pure cotton yarn, T/C polyester cotton yarn, T/R polyester viscose yarn, CVC, T/T pure polyester yarns, AB yarns, and rayon yarns are widely used, and their softness is better than polyester filament products. The price is relatively firm. The new style fabrics have higher added value and the local products have been boosted.

      Knitted New Odair fresh wool width 173CM, 175 g/m2 special black, bleached, rose red, Baolan color fabrics are partially shipped in batches. Knitted mercerized cotton width of 168CM, 150 g/m2 special black, floral gray, lemon yellow turquoise fabrics will be shipped in larger batches, and in Jimo, Shandong, in larger batches, and occasionally whole vehicles will be shipped. 26S cotton knit single sweater fabric width 185CM, 230 g/m2 color blue, deep lake blue, and fancy gray zeze fabrics are partially delivered in larger batches.

      T/T pure polyester yarn 32S knitted polyester single jersey fabric width 170CM, 140 g/m2 special black, off-white, emerald green, bleached, dark green, and emerald blue color fabrics are partially delivered in larger quantities. CVC32S knitted 2×2 ribbed frame width 135CM, 230g/m2 mud yellow and orange fabrics are partly delivered in batches.

      In the recent market, sales in the layout of women's summer knitted printed T-shirts have been quite smooth. With 100D matte FDY-118D matte FDY knitted printed T-shirt fabric and spandex silk knitted printed T-shirt double-sided stretch and spandex silk knitted printed four-sided stretch, the market volume has expanded compared with the previous period. Spot transactions and order delivery are partially The performance is quite smooth, and the total transaction volume shows a certain degree of upward trend compared with the previous period. 100DDTY knitted printed summer women’s T-shirt fabrics and sweatshirt patterns have seen a significant increase in the spot market. The spot transactions and orders are on the same pace, and sales are increasing day by day. Some 100D matt FDY-118D matt FDY, 100DDTY type of round screen printing and polka dot sequin knitted T-shirts four-way stretch, sprinkled gold and silver dust and bronzing knitted T-shirts four-way stretch, local small batches of multiple varieties Transactions and order sending are relatively active, and the refurbished styles dominate the market, and the price of new-style fabrics rises slightly.


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